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cspabq_final_logo_03082007_rgbNM Bio members and guests are invited to get an insider’s view of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ drug manufacturing and distribution center for clinical research in Albuquerque. The Center manufactures, packages, labels, tests and ships drugs, devices and supplies to clinical sites across the globe.

As one of the Duke City’s best-kept secrets, the top-tier VA’s Cooperative Studies Program Clinical Research Pharmacy Coordinating Center’s capabilities include capsule and tablet formulation, manufacturing, tablet coating, and over-encapsulation.

The Center’s in-house laboratory provides analytical testing including HPLC, dissolution, disintegration and they process thousands of samples as they serve as a central laboratory for diagnostic testing for various studies including colon cancer screening.

The Center is in the process of adding biorepository equipment and expects to be operational by the holidays to receive samples for the Million Veteran program and eventually other sample storage. The Center also provides clinical site monitoring and auditing, web based clinical supply inventory management and distribution, and multiple other services.

The Center’s manufacturing equipment runs at speeds up to 700 units per minute or it can service small studies by manually filling capsules in trays. The staff can package product in bulk, bottles, blister cards, overlay cards, and kits as required by each study. They utilize serialized blinded and un-blinded labeling.

The Center’s staff collaborates with university, industry and government partners, including NIH (i.e. NIDA, NCI, etc.), Department of Defense, as well as participating in commercial clinical trials. They contract with non-VA organizations through the Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico, a flexible funding mechanism and NM non-profit corporation created to facilitate VA research and education.

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