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On Thursday evening, February 16th, at the Presbyterian Healthcare Services Rev. Hugh A. Cooper Center, five thought leaders will grace the TEDxABQ stage to change the way we think about medicine in New Mexico. Each will share what it would be like if New Mexico was the best place to practice medicine in the US from their unique perspectives.

The TEDxABQ Future of Medicine Salon speakers:
• Dr. Ries Robinson believes that wearable technology is currently positioned to positively impact chronic disease management, thus causing a significant industry disruption.

• Dr. K Paul Stoller has worked for over two decades with children and adults with brain injuries. He believes many therapies, such as hyperbaric oxygen, are being underutilized due to the current medical business model.

• Dr. Harvey J. White’s focus on improving both individuals’ lives and our healthcare delivery system has led to a focus on our lifestyles – how we think, eat and move – and how they are structured in our habits.

• Professor Deborah Helitzer wants to repurpose some of the billions spent in the US on health to address the “social determinants” that have the most impact on our health so we can help people get healthy and stay healthy.

• Ivan Pupulidy believes that we need to reframe how we think about human error in medicine. By examining the system and conditions that set the context for human actions, we can better understand errors and place learning ahead of blame.

A limited number of tickets are available for $25 each at

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