Past EventSeptember 10, 2013 – Best Practices in Human Pharmacokinetic Prediction

Join us to learn the latest in human pharmacokinetic prediction tools,and get an introduction to ADME Workbench.  

Presenter Conrad Housand is a Director and Sr. Scientist at AEgis Technologies Group. He currently leads development, support and consulting activities related to a variety of tools for computational biology, including ADME Workbench, acslX, and Nanomaterial Safety Assessment Platform (NSAP). These tools implement a wide variety of computational methods with applications to biological modeling, predictive pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and human health risk assessment. In his current position, Conrad works closely with scientists in the fields of drug discovery, risk assessment, and toxicology in the development and application of modeling and simulation techniques to their research problems. In particular, Conrad has provided consulting services on numerous modeling efforts including development of pharmacokinetic models, statistical models, and physics-based models used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sophisticated mathematical modeling tools have long existed for use in preclinical drug discovery, but have required highly trained users with both pharma/biology and advanced mathematical skills. As opportunities for preclinical molecule discovery and validation push to CRO’s and small biotechnology companies, the availability of predictive techniques and effective modeling tools becomes increasingly important. The PhRMA CPCDC Initiative on Predictive Models of Human Pharmacokinetics recently published a series of papers in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences assessing the predictability of human PK from preclinical data, and comparing various prediction methods. As part of that research effort, a dataset of over 100 compounds was assembled and a variety of empirical and mechanistic modeling approaches were evaluated on their ability to predict human PK properties and clinical data. This briefing will discuss how the techniques identified in the PhRMA CPCDC Initiative have been incorporated into ADME WorkBench, a new platform for predictive pharmacokinetics developed by AEgis Technologies. ADME WorkBench is a software platform providing flexible, robust pharmacokinetic modeling by integrating state-of-the-art absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion methods. Designed for business and researchers in pharmacology and toxicology, ADME WorkBench uses a variety of non-proprietary PK models.

About The AEgis Technologies Group Inc.: AEgis Technologies is a privately held small business headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, that provides advanced technology and expert consulting services to industries throughout the world. AEgis specializes in modeling & simulation (M&S) and micro/nanoscale technology development.

BIO Purchasing Program

Tom Heebink, from the national BIO organization, will give a short presentation on the BIO Business Solutions purchasing program for members.