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CleanSpot, Inc is a leading developer of antimicrobial coatings technology. The Company’s first product to market is a premium hand sanitizer formulated with natural ingredients, yet protected by the Company’s patent pending coatings technology.

CleanSpot, Inc. is proud to introduce ActiveClean by CleanSpot, a premium hand sanitizer formulated with natural ingredients. The ethanol base is enriched with beeswax and apricot seed oil, and formulated to incorporate CleanSpot’s patented antimicrobial coatings technology. ActiveClean’s natural beeswax is enhanced with polylysine, a natural peptide that turns the beeswax coating into a thin film that actively protects your hands.

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Charles Call, Ph.D., CEO



5901 Indian School Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 459-2156
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