News ItemIntroducing the 2012 NMBio Board of Directors

January 10, 2012 – 

NMBio is pleased to introduce our newly elected 2012 Board of Directors. Please see the NMBio Board of Directors page for more information about the Board.

John Cousins, President and CEO of Biomoda, Inc.. Vice President

Terry Dunlay, President and CEO of IntelliCyt Corporation

Victor Esch, CEO of NanoMR

David Hadley, Business Development Executive at Los Alamos National Labs

Michael Vickers, Maas Biolab

Stuart Rose, CEO, Oso Bio

Richard Larson, VP Translational Research at UNM Health Sciences Center

Charlotte Mobarak, Director of Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry at the Dept. of BioChemistry and Molecular Biology, UNM

Kimberly Peña, Principal at REDW LLC, The Rogoff Firm, Board Treasurer

Leah Pulling, Director of Biotechnology Program at Central New Mexico Community College

Andrew Salazar, Director of Project Development at Technology Ventures Corporation, NMBio President

Shannon Sheehan, PhD

Duane Simpson, Monsanto

Katie Szczepaniak Rice, Analyst at Wasatch Venture Fund

Janeen Vilven-Doggett, Attorney at Pacock Myers, P.C., Board Secretary

Mark Walztoni, Sustainable Ventures Alliance, LLC

Novo Norodisk

Novo Norodisk

Southwest Labs

Southwest Labs