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October 21, 2015NMBio October Meeting - NMSU Innovation Center Presentation»

Our presenter for this special meeting will be Theresa “Terry” Lombard, MBA, Director of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property and Tech Transfer Office, Arrowhead Center, New Mexico State University. Our second presenter will be…

September 15, 2015Dealing with FDA Regulations and Other Issues in Developing Companion Diagnostic Programs»

Glen Freiberg will be presenting an innovative small company’s perspective on diagnostic product development. Epic Sciences’ “one-highway” program covers liquid biopsy assay development for academic and pharma investigational therapy and research partnerships, observational clinical trials and the evolution to CLIA/CAP, interventional studies, companion diagnostics and independent diagnostics.

August 11, 2015Diagnostic Testing for Targeted Cancer Therapeutics»

Personalized medicine attempts to tailor medical treatment to the individual’s characteristics and in oncology targets an individual’s tumor with a therapy tailored to the specific characteristics of a tumor. Successful development of targeted therapeutics often relies upon co-development with companion diagnostics. Identifying a specific, responsive patient population within a larger population can enable the approval of a therapeutic, but limit its intended use.

July 14, 2015ACI and the Impact of Policy on Business in New Mexico»

Eric Layer, Vice President of the New Mexico Association of Commerce and Industry, will review the recent New Mexico legislative session and the impact of policy upon economic development in New Mexico.

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