About NMBio

about NMBio

NMBio, a BIO affiliate, is New Mexico’s statewide trade association for biotechnology, biomedicine, and related industries.

NMBio participates in BIO-sponsored meetings in Washington, DC, including individual advocacy meetings with congressional representatives. It also attends state affiliate collaborative meetings, and bi-monthly teleconferences to keep abreast of state and national legislation impacting the industry.

For over twenty years, NMBio has supported the needs of companies in pharma/biotech, diagnostics, medical devices, nutraceuticals, scientific instrumentation/manufacturing, and biofuels/agriculture. In addition, it fosters networking and partnership with the state’s universities, research institutes, and national laboratories. NMBio provides a forum for information exchange related to life science activities, develops initiatives to enhance small business success, provides education regarding the biosciences, helps establish collaboration, and publicizes New Mexico’s bioscience industry.

NMBio offers monthly luncheon meetings with networking and cutting-edge speakers from New Mexico and outside the state. We are also strong supporters of scientific education and scholarships for NM students, group-purchasing for our members, jobs/marketplace connections, legislative support for commercialization/business development, and many other important services.

NMBio was established twenty years ago, to support and develop the biosciences industry in the state. The association provides a forum for information exchange, develops initiatives to enhance business success, offers education regarding bioscience in the State, helps establish collaboration, and serves as a voice of the industry to State, Federal and local governments. We encourage all bio companies and research institutions in the State, as well as those doing business here, to become members and actively participate in the many events and benefits NMBio has to offer.