Past EventApril 9 NMBio – LRRI Infectious Disease Program Update

Join us in April for a presentation by Kevin Harrod, PhD, Director of the Infectious Disease Program at Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute.  Kevin will speak on “Infectious Diseases at the Intersection of Innovation and Knowledge in Global Health”.

The group is primarily focused on the discovery and advancement of therapies and vaccines against respiratory pathogens. We utilize broad approaches of systems biology and high throughput technologies to identify targets both common and unique to specific pathogen genera. We also seek the use of newly emerging synthetic biology as these approaches hold great promise for designer therapeutics.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Kevin Harrod, PhD, serves as the Director of the Infectious Diseases Program at the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute with a research emphasis in respiratory infections, systems biology, and pulmonary medicine. Dr. Harrod has served on numerous federal advisory panels and study sections, as well as serves on the boards of several emerging biotechnology companies in the areas of antimicrobial drug development, vaccines, and synthetic biology. He has over 50 scientific publications and book chapters and has maintained continuous federal research support during his 20 years of academic research.