Past EventBIO Webinar Presentation on Industry Reports

Join us for a webinar discussion led by Ray Zwahlen, Director of Technology Transfer and Associate Counsel, Biotechnology Industry Organization. Ray will review the Bioscience Economic Development Report and the Advanced Translational Research Study recently completed.

Speaker Bio:  As Directory of Technology Transfer and Associate Council for BIO Ray Zwahlen

  • Led customer discovery and prototyping project designed to identify and develop new products/services to capitalize on emerging trends in industry/university collaborations at U.S. and international universities using various tools including onsite visits, electronic surveys, one-on-one interviews and focus group discussions.

    • Guided coordination across internal departments and with multiple external partners to design and implement programs at BIO events to expand industry engagement with university licensing, research collaboration, and entrepreneurship programs.

    • Managed the development and release of two reports surveying the impact of university/industry collaborations in the biotech space namely; (a) Academic-Industry Patent Licensing Contributed Up to $1.18 Trillion to U.S. Economy Since 1996 (b) Advancing Translational Research for Biomedical Innovation: Measure Industry-University Connections.

Download both reports:



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