Past EventBridging the Gap Between Discovery and Pre-Clinical Studies – Albuquerque

Early stage entrepreneurs face demands and challenges from numerous directions. Data is needed to obtain financial support, submit strong patent applications, or strengthen a market strategy. Often the projects must be subdivided into smaller portions due to limited funding or access to the product.

Karthik Ramachandran, Ph.D., vice president and co-founder of Likarda (, is coming to New Mexico to give his insights on how drug discovery research can occur at entrepreneurial speed.  Adept in projects big or small, Likarda operates a world class, cutting edge research laboratory for science entrepreneurs. It combines early phase discovery research with consultative and analytical services so that entrepreneurs can move ahead in the drug discovery process with confidence, efficiency, and success at an affordable rate.

Likarda, which partners with state and national bio-consortiums, performs human and veterinary drug discovery development services in these areas: pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, supplements, herbal products, cosmetics and hygiene. Likarda can help firms bring products to market in a fraction of the normal time based on data they collect using a wide range of the same early discovery phase tests of large CROs such  as: toxicology, metabolism, call health assays, pharmacodynamics studies, other cell based assays and pre-clinical animal studies.

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In addition to his presentations in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, Karthik is also available to meet for one-on-one meetings with those that have an interest in learning more about his firm, its services and prices. Likarda is a member of NMBio and has obtained preferred provider status by offering other members an across the board 5 percent discount on all its services. Please note that its prices are already heavily discounted from the prices charged by the nation’s large, brand name CROs. 

If you have any questions for Karthik or would like to schedule a meeting with him, please forward him an email at  

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