Past EventFact and Fiction In The World Of GMO Crops

Our speaker will be Stephen Hansen, PhD, from the Molecular Biology Program at New Mexico State University. He will tell us how genetic engineering is used in agriculture including examples of current crops and ongoing research in his lab at NMSU. Using these examples, he will also explore some of the controversy and mis-information that fuels the charged debate on these controversial crops.

Speaker Bio: Dr Hansen earned a Bachelor of Science in bacteriology from UW-Madison and a PhD in Plant Pathology from UW-Madison. His thesis work was on biotech / genetic engineering approaches to controlling viruses in plants. His current position is Professor of Molecular Plant Pathology at NMSU since 2003.

“My group’s current work is focused on controlling plant diseases and increasing sustainability in agricultural production. Approaches include use of natural biocontrol organisms and biotech / genetic engineering approaches with a focus on improving disease control and reducing pesticide usage. Current project include control of chile wilt pathogens using biocontrol microbes and / or engineered resistance.”

There is a website, partially sponsored by BIO, that provides Q&A on many GMO topics –