Past EventFebruary 12 NMBio Meeting – Informatics In Drug Discovery and Repurposing

UNM’s Translational Informatics Division (TiD) provides informatics solutions that enable multi-disciplinary research in order to accelerate clinical outcomes. TiD accomplishes this by offering many unique services to both industry and academia such as chemical, biological and biomedical knowledge mining support and prediction by means of cheminformatics, bioinformatics and clinical informatics software and technologies. CARLSBAD is a recent example of a software platform TiD developed in order to provide researchers with novel capabilities for the mining and exploration of structure activity relationships throughout chemical biology space. Currently TiD is focused on the development of informatics tools to facilitate the understanding of the relationships between drugs, targets and adverse events by mapping information mined from electronic health records and other scientific literature.


Tudor Oprea, Professor, Chief, Translational Informatics Division,

Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Guest Professor, Department of Systems Biology, Danish Technical University, Copenhagen, Denmark 2009 – 2013

 Two decades of knowledge and data mining in drug discovery, with focus on small molecule drug informatics, cheminformatics, translational informatics and virtual screening. Fifteen years of conceptual development for chemical space exploration, including leadlike and druglike properties for high-throughput screening and synthesis. Strong biomedical background with previous clinical and pharmaco-physiological training


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