Past EventHealth, Not Healthcare As A National Priority

Dr. Rosenkrans has agreed to try again – and this time weather shouldn’t interevene.  Join us!  


Our nation faces multiple, simultaneous and interrelated epidemic scale crises across many levels – in our systems, our organizations, our communities, our families, and ourselves – that diminish our individual and collective security and capacity. We are caught in a self-fulfilling negative cycle – in which we suffer too much, spend too much, waste too much, and die too young – and the resilience of a nation so conceived cannot long endure.

Traditional approaches to the complex systemic challenges we have created and are creating for ourselves are no longer adequate; instead these “wicked problems” entail a new kind of whole-of-nation, enterprise-wide response, in which public and private organizations across the nation must act in concert on an unprecedented scale. The character and the ultimate success of our response to these challenges depends on our ability to lead our families, our communities, our colleagues, our institutions, our nation, and ourselves through a profound process of regeneration that touches every aspect of our lives – and puts health, wellness and resilience at the center of all we do as a national strategic priority.

Dr Wayne Rosenkrans, of the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation will give us a vision of the future of “health”

Dr. Rosenkrans is a Distinguished Fellow at the Center for Biomedical Innovation at MIT working on healthcare strategy and policy issues related to science and medicine. He is also Chairman, President and a member of the board of directors of the Personalized Medicine Coalition, a Washington DC based organization working with government and other agencies on evolving healthcare policy for Personalized Healthcare, VP Healthcare Strategy at Fuld and Co focusing on strategic simulations in healthcare, Chief Applications Officer for SciTech Strategies focusing on scientific competency and capacity development for academia and industry, and a member of the Ethics and Systems Medicine Program at Georgetown University. He is a former Director of External Relations for Personalized Healthcare and Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) as part of External Medical Relations at AstraZeneca where he had responsibility for long-range external relations strategy and policy development. Prior to that role, he was involved in long-term strategy development for the AstraZeneca Discovery, Development, and US Commercial divisions, and created and ran strategic intelligence units at both AstraZeneca and SmithKIine Beecham Pharmaceuticals. He has presented at numerous forums on aspects of personalized healthcare, evidence-based medicine, new development paradigms, and strategy development. Wayne is a former President and Board Member of SCIP and recipient of the SCIP Fellows Award and the Frost and Sullivan Lifetime Achievement Award in Intelligence. He holds an S.B. in Biology from MIT, a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from Boston Univ., and received post-doctoral training in Cancer and Radiation Biology at the Univ. of Rochester