Past EventMarch 11, 2014; Point-of-Care Diagnostic Platforms for Biodefense and Public Health Applications

Speaker:  Anup Singh, Ph.D, Senior Manager, Biological Science and Technology, Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Singh’s group has varied interests relevant to bioscience, bioenergy and biodefense, e.g., SpinDx. Other areas include:

• MicroBioanalytical Systems – Microscale separation methods, microfluidics

• Systems Biology & Cell Signaling – Tools for analyzing genome, metagenome, transcriptome and proteomes at single-cell resolution

• Medical Diagnostics and Biodefense – Development of fully-integrated point-of-care devices for infectious diseases and biodefense

• Bioenergy – High throughput platforms for synthetic biology, plant biology and biomass deconstruction

 Dr. Singh promises a lively discussion of current thinking on diagnostic platforms, biodefense strategies and other topics of interest. He looks forward to meeting and networking with our NMBio members and guests.