Past EventNMBio January 2016 Meeting – Roche Diagnostics Presentation on Developing Payor Strategies

Obtaining reimbursement for newly created medical technology and/or testing is increasing difficult, moreso in the upcoming value-based-care market shift.  Creating an effective payer strategy is necessary for success and Dr. Alan Wright will share his experience in this area.   Dr. Wright is the Chief Medical Officer at Roche Diagnostics and is a specialist in pharamceutical research and medical diagnostics.  He will present many options companies should consider when developing a payer strategy in an attempt to seek reimbursement for a newly developed diagnostic or therapy.  Join Us!

Speaker Info:

Alan T. Wright MD MPH, Chief Medical Officer, Roche Diagnostics Corporation

Dr. Wright is the Chief Medical Officer at Roche Diagnostics Corporation in Indianapolis, Indiana. Prior to joining Roche, Dr. Wright served as Senior Vice President of Health Improvement Strategies for Miraca Life Sciences. He was the Vice President for Product Strategy and Business Development for Resolution Health, a privately held analytics and intervention company serving the managed care market place. Until 2005, Dr. Wright was chairman and CEO of Star Pharmaceuticals, a generic pharmaceutical company he founded in 2002, serving the needs of the urological community. Previously, he was Senior Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Caremark . Dr. Wright also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for AdvancePCS.