Past EventNMBio March 8 – BIND Therapeutics: How It Morphed From Pilot to Full Scale Manufacturer In Biotechnology

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BIND Therapeutics, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company developing targeted nanoparticle technologies called ACCURINS®, which Bind believes represent the next stage in the evolution of targeted therapies and nanomedicine.  ACCURINS are nanoparticles containing a therapeutic payload formulated using biodegradable polymers and ligand.  Their design targets tumors at three levels: tissue, cellular, and molecular.  This triple targeting, combined with a prolonged circulation time, results in the concentration of the therapeutic payload at the disease site, releasing it in a controlled manner.

IND launched in 2007 with seed money, followed by a series of venture rounds from 2007-2011.  Bind’s initial public offering (IPO) occurred in September 2013. Their long-term business strategy is to produce their own pipeline of ACCURINS as well as ACCURINS in collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies.  Bind’s collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies and capital raised in the public markets enabled development of their lead clinical candidate, BIND-014, which is in Phase 2 clinical trials.  They collaborate with Amgen, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, Roche and Macrophage Therapeutics.

 Bind attributes part of their  success to the ability to:

  1. Create cost-effective means to construct extensive in-house development capabilities, and
  2. Take a Quality by Design approach to develop products while outsourcing cGMP activities.

Speaker Bio: Greg Troiano – Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Development and Operations, Bind Therapeutics, Inc.

Mr. Troiano leads the development and manufacture of BIND’s proprietary ACCURIN® (targeted polymeric nanoparticle) candidates from discovery through clinical development.  He oversees Formulation Development, Process Development, Analytical Development, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, and Facilities in the development and production of ACCURINS.

Greg’s presentation will focus on the process development and manufacturing capabilities that BIND created for a unique formulation and complex process.  Bind has taken the product from the benchtop into the clinic and demonstrated a path to take it to commercial production.  The presentation will also expand on some of the business considerations of building a company with an expensive product and long development timelines.

Prior to joining BIND Therapeutics, as Associate Director of Process Development at Alkermes, Mr. Troiano led a team of managers, engineers, and technicians who developed, optimized, commercialized, and scaled up microsphere and other drug delivery technologies including Nutropin Depot®, Risperdal Consta®, Vivitrol®, and Bydureon®.  Previously, as an engineer at Guilford Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Troiano helped commercialize the Gliadel® Wafer and develop a process for PaclimerTM paclitaxel microspheres.  Mr. Troiano received his MSE and BS in Biomedical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University.  He holds more than 15 process and equipment patents/applications and five scientific publications in drug delivery.

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