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Posted July 27, 2015 | Business Services

Evo starts by understanding and analyzing your business needs. We work to understand your market and your brand. We work to understand the role you want your website to play in connecting your business/organization with your market. Then we build a site that incorporates solutions for traditional needs like marketing and ecommerce, but also for things like scheduling systems, registration systems, business dashboards, social media integration, and much more.

Fully Customized Content Management System

An easy-to-use WordPress-based, fully-customized CMS makes it quick and easy to keep website content current, and that’s fundamental to marketing success. WordPress’ simple user interface makes it a favorite among website owners for ease of updates and maintenance. Evo’s approach to customizing a CMS: “the less HTML you have to worry about when updating your website, the better.”

Responsive, Mobile-friendly Design

Usable display on mobile phones and tablets is no longer optional; you’re losing visitors if your site is not responsive. And further bad news: Google penalizes you for a non-responsive site, dramatically lowering your position in search results.

Solid and Dependable: In Business in New Mexico Since 2000

We’re not a “new kid on the block” trying our hand at web design. We’ve been in business since June, 2000, continually upgrading our skills and technology in a rapidly evolving field. When you need something from us a year from now, or 5 years from now, we’ll still be here.

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