NMBio Marketplace ListingPosition at Senior Scientific: Vice President of Research & Development

Posted December 3, 2015 | Full-time Employment


Job Overview
Senior Scientific, LLC has developed a proprietary technology for the highly sensitive detection of magnetic nanoparticles linked to antibodies, or other biologically active moieties, for the in vivo detection of cancer, and other human diseases. The VP R&D will be responsible for all research and development programs, including managing the team’s internal efforts, coordinating and driving external collaborations, and establishing and managing key outsourced third party relationships. The primary aim of the R&D programs will be to translate the use of the MRX™ technology into commercially meaningful contexts for the clinical market.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
The VP R&D will be required to:
• Work closely with the President to develop the overall Research and Development strategy and translate
into an operational plan.
• Provide general scientific and organizational leadership to drive the R&D plan.
• Execute on the R&D plan by managing the hardware, software, chemistry and biology research efforts to develop and integrated MRX technology for in vivo cancer detection.
• Manage external collaboration sites and coordinate collaborator experimental plans with internal efforts to maximize collaborator contribution and the advancement of product development towards clinical use.
• Establish and manage 3rd party vendors and consultants, as needed, to support product development.
• Establish R&D budgets, schedules and objectives to achieve the Company’s overall business goals and manage against approved projects.
• Ensure scientific and career growth of employees within the department.

The VP R&D qualifications include:
• Doctoral degree in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biomedical engineering or other relevant field with history of scientific excellence and credibility or recognition within the scientific community.
• 10+ years academic and/or industry experience in cancer research, oncology therapeutic development, medical imaging or related fields.
• 7+ years industry experience in medical device or bio-therapeutic product development with a track record of successfully managing teams to design and develop products.
• Experience working within the regulated product environment, including ISO and QMS systems (or equivalents) and active participation (leadership role preferred) in FDA medical device submission and clinical study design.
• Strong analytical skills, especially with regard to understanding and interpreting scientific research and literature as well as critical thinking and problem solving skills and the ability to analyze data and plan for next steps.
• Ability to work in a small faced-paced, dynamic, collaborative, business-focused work environment and able to manage multiple projects with limited resources.
• Ability to manage working relationships and effectively communicate (orally and in writing) to scientists and non-scientists both internally and externally.

Personal Characteristics
To be successful, the VP R&D must bring professional and personal values to the company which complement the company’s existing team including:
• Creativity and critical intellect
• Dedication to respect, diligence, honesty and transparency
• A lead-by-example mentality
• A “work hard but have fun” approach

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