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Likarda LLC is a world-class, cutting-edge biotech research laboratory for science entrepreneurs, partners for bio consortiums, and contract research organizations (CRO). We combine comprehensive early-phase discovery research with consultative and analytical services so that you can move ahead in the drug discovery process with confidence, efficiency, and success at an affordable rate.

We focus on bringing to market disruptive technologies that improve health-care outcomes and lower costs for pets and people alike. Likarda uses our proprietary cell culture system to create three-dimensional cell clusters, or miniaturized organs. This system has applications in markets ranging from drug discovery and development to cell-based transplantation and regenerative medicine. For instance, pharmaceutical companies can test new drug compounds on our human 3D cell clusters, providing a better prediction of how the drugs will work in the body.

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2002 W. 39th Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66103
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