News ItemBiofuels Companies Alive and Well In New Mexico

May 11, 2012 – 

At the May NMBio meeting, presenters representing companies in various stages of biofuel production process, from growing the algae to producing fuel, highlighted their activities. Joule Unlimited recently broke ground in Hobbs, NM for an algae production plant. Sapphire Energy, one of the companies to recently receive $139 million in early-stage funding from venture capital investors, has 60 algae production ponds in Las Cruces. Eldorado Biofuels is working on cultivating algae from produced water. Their plant is located in Jal.

New Solutions Energy of Santa Fe manufactures algae culture systems. BioProcess Diagnostics will perform online monitoring of the production process. Incitor has pioneered the process of acid digestion of various feedstock including algae to produce fuel. All the presentations promised exciting things to come for New Mexico in the biofuels industry.

For more info on the program and the companies, please view the article in Algae Industry Magazine.