News ItemNMBio Board Has Some New Faces for 2014

March 13, 2014 – 

This year’s Board of Directors provides NMBio with a wide range of expertise. Our Board Members are leaders in the biotech industry as well as professionals in accounting, business development and patent law, our universities and our national laboratories.

Officers for 2014 are; Andrew Salazar, Technology Ventures Corporation, President; Mary Ortner, Biophagy, Vice-President; Janeen Vilven-Doggett, PhD, Peacock Myers PC, Secretary and Kimberly Pena, The Rogoff Firm, Treasurer.

Board Members:

Mark Burge, MD, Deputy-Director, UNM Health Science Center Clinical & Translational Science Ctr.

John Cousins, CEO, Food Sentry

Terry Dunlay, President and CEO, Intellicyt Corporation

Victor Esch, CEO, nanoMR

Richard Larson, MD, PhD, Executive Vice Chancellor, UNM Health Sciences Center

Charlotte Mobarak, PhD, Scientific Consultants, CNM

John Mott, PhD, Tech Transfer Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Stuart Rose, Founder, The BioScience Center

Shannon Sheehan, PhD, MBA, Protara Biomarkers

Michael Vickers, Director of Operations, Maas BiolAB, LLC


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